I’ve Always Wanted To But…

So often, the most difficult question for the people I speak with to answer is, “What do you want?”

It may be that so many things come to mind that the answer gets clogged. More often than not though, it is because they have focused so much on meeting the needs of those around them that they have made their own dreams a last priority.

What if I told you this.  By focusing on the things that will bring you the most inner joy, you will be able to meet needs even more effectively.

Complete these phrases in your head (or on paper…even better).

When I was a child I wanted to be a….

The New Year’s resolution I’ve made most often is…

I’ve always wanted to learn …

Placeholder ImageIt’s okay to begin again.  It’s okay to start where you left off. It’s okay to change the way you live your day-to-day if it means a happier you.

I am confident that you can complete what you’ve started.  I’m confident that you can begin what you’ve always dreamed of doing.  If you’re as confident as I am, keep reading.


Get to know yourself.  Remember who you were when you were just starting this life.  Remember how excited the thought of growing up was and the freedom it held.  Do you feel the freedom, or has your freedom been chained by bills, family responsibility or a disapproving peer group?

Sometimes the rules in your head are simply marketing.  Repeated messages from the world to keep you numb.  The “you must ask permission to use the restroom in school” kind of rules.  These rules are made to maintain order but they are not the law. Listen closely.  Only you know what you need to really change your life.

Did you answer the questions above?  I hope so.  If not, do it now.  They are  your starting point.  I call it “Hope”.



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