If You Can Make It Here…

You can make it ANYWHERE and I am not speaking solely of New York.  Grow where you are planted!

I’m not speaking of making it only in terms of success but rather actually “making” it.  Creating it.  How many times have you heard a rags to riches story of someone who was homeless and on the edge of giving up completely when they had a shift of mindset?  Now, their life is wealth, book deals and speaking engagements.

Vision boards are not a new concept.  Surely there are amazing stories connected to the practice.  My first vision board posting was a Chevy Traverse. I had currently been driving a broken down van that was the only thing I could afford when our vehicle was repossessed.  It was also the first item that materialized once I began the practice.  That was nearly five years ago. I get excited at the thought of creation.  Now my vision boards include things that will benefit others as well as bring me joy.

What in your life can you see as if you already have it?  Is it confidence?  Contentment?  A new home? A better career?  The soulmate you’ve thought so much about?

What’s that?  You haven’t started to visualize your idea of paradise? Hmm.  What was it, a detour or a roadblock or perhaps you just ran out of gas. Would you like some roadside assistance?  Perhaps you need someone to put air into your dreams.  Example:  People who are out of shape don’t necessarily love going to the gym. Working out is more fun with a friend, especially at the beginning. Exploring new territory, whether it be physical, emotional or mental, can be a little scary.

Greece is one place I plan to visit.  When I go, I envision being led around by somebody who loves it so much that they live there and can bring me to the best places off of the regular tourist route. My mouth waters at the food I will order.

city_skylineThere is nobody in the room that insists that your dreams can’t include a tour guide.  We are all a part of this universe and we are all made up of the same stuff.  It’s good to connect.  It’s amazing to dream.  It’s miraculous when those dreams come true.


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