Show Up Every Day

If the vision you want to have for your life is exciting, prosperous and filled with purpose, it’s important to hold that vision in front of you and let it fuel your day.  The one who expects great things doesn’t just clock in.  They wake up aware that something that happens in the next 24 hours will lead them one step, or even one mile closer to their destination.  They may wake up knowing today is the day that they’ll arrive!  The world markets Mondays like they are a heavy sweater on a hot day making every simple task that much more difficult.

How do you get up on a Monday?  Full of enthusiasm for the day ahead of you or with remorse that the wheel of life is making one more rotation without traveling very far?

Listen to your most faithful self.  Life is what you make it.  Open your eyes to the good things that surround you.  Feed yourself the confidence it takes to “show up” and make a difference.

There are times in our life when we know we could be better.  Ask for help and direction.  Email me at

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