Which Way Will You Grow

Growing what you love

Where Do We Grow From Here?

By Lea Oglesby

March 2019

My favorite book of all time is a children’s book called The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss.  It’s a simple story about a little boy who planted a seed. Everyone including his sarcastic brother, his worried mother and his all-knowing father told him that it would not come up. But every day the little boy watered the ground and pulled up the weeds and tended to his business of taking care of the seed that he planted but could no longer see. No matter who ridiculed him or what advice came in his direction from people older than him, he did the work and did not give up. At the end of the book after a little sprout grew, he continued to take care of it until it was ready. Then he reached in to the ground and pulled up a carrot that was so big, bigger than anyone could have ever predicted and the book ends with the phrase, “just as he knew it would.”

We all have seedlings of dreams that we carry in our heart.  Perhaps the ridicule from family or the hard work of the daily responsibilities has prevented us from actually planting these seeds. You might have Dream Seeds in your pocket or your purse right this very minute!  In order for a dream to grow we need to dig a little,  plant a lot and tend to it daily whether we see growth or not.  Before you can see the sprout on the surface of the ground to confirm that your seed is growing, you have to trust what you don’t see. You have to trust  that it’s developing roots that will help it survive. It first grows downward because of gravity. The same with a dream. Before a dream can show itself, it needs to follow gravity and take root so it can stand strong when it finally does blossom.

Everything worthwhile in your life takes work. Most people don’t lead their own life, they accept their life.  Not you!  Be intentional.  It’s time to take the seeds in your pocket and get down on your knees and get a little dirty.  Dig in and plant those dream seeds. Do the work.  Where will YOU Grow from here?


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