The Power of Yet

beginning-blank-blank-pageThe word yet is a very powerful word. It’s powerful because it can take a negative statement such as “I can’t” and give it hope simply by placing it at the end of the sentence. I will give you some examples:

I can’t ride a bike…yet.

I can’t speak Spanish…yet.

I can’t play guitar…yet.

I can’t cook…yet.

I don’t know how to eat healthy…yet.

As of today, as far as I know, my life is not over…yet. There are many things that I have not done so far in the first five decades of my life, but because of the word yet, it doesn’t mean they will not be done. No matter what your direct circle of friends or family act like, whether they support you or criticize you, whether they join you or ignore you, the word yet will always bring hope.

Do me a favor. Make a list of all the things you have told yourself that you can’t do and add the word yet to the end of it. I would love it if you’d share your list with me in the comments. This will help others to know that they are not alone and that we are all trying our best to grow, learn and to accomplish the things that we haven’t….yet.

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