What’s It Mean To Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin?

We say “I feel like I don’t fit in. I don’t like labels. Why don’t you just accept who I am?” We say we don’t like labels, but we are so easily persuaded to categorize ourselves simply by falling into the flow of the world’s constant sorting of people in the media and professional arena. The world shoots questions at you like, What are you…gay, straight, black, white, asian, hispanic, employed, unemployed, introvert, extravert, confident, insecure, winner, loser, leader, follower, male, female, what’s your pronoun? So, I ask you this. What’s It Mean To Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin?

Think of areas in your life that you are NOT comfortable with and make a list and then let’s start chopping these areas out of your life for good. You are FREE to BE who you want to be. You may get some pushback but ultimately, living your truth is healthier than living the world’s lies just to fit in.

I would love to read your answers. Please tell me where you’re at right now and where you want to be with living out your truest self.

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